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This forum is for members of the Northern Stars Legacy, a riding club created on the virtual horse world of Star Stable Online.

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I: Club Rules

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1 I: Club Rules on Fri Dec 30, 2016 9:33 am

Dear SSO Player

Before your NSL membership can be taken into account, please take time to read the following:


1) Protect your identity.

Do NOT disclose any personal information about your REAL offline self. This rule strictly applies to members of the NSL who are engaging in online conversation through the NSL forum and/or the NSL club chat room on Star Stable Online. Always and foremost, refer to other NSL members by their SSO identities. Use your alias.

Outside from the NSL forums and chat rooms, you may conduct your business as you like. Any personal information may be inquired and discussed PRIVATELY with other NSL members – of course – with consent.

2) Act professional.

In a public NSL forum or club setting, follow the universal code of conduct: No fighting with other members. No bullying. No harrassment. No sexual, explicit, or offensive language. Keep harmful thoughts and words to yourself. This is a rated-G/PG club and forum. Respect the younger audience.

3) Be a team player.

Regardless if you are a wallflower or a social butterfly, a good club member is friendly and approachable, willing to lend a helping hand and cooperate with others.

4) What the Club Owner says, goes.

The first three rules are the tip of the iceberg. The Club Owner has the right to remove or ban ANY member from the club and/or its forum – usually, for good reason. By joining the NSL, you agree to abide by the rules implemented on this page by the Club Owner. Do not hesitate to contact the Admin (Club Owner) or Moderators (Club Leaders) to report any and all suspicious activity.

Now that the fine print is out of the way, please proceed to Step II.

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