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This forum is for members of the Northern Stars Legacy, a riding club created on the virtual horse world of Star Stable Online.

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II: Club Overview

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1 II: Club Overview on Fri Dec 30, 2016 2:50 pm

Dear SSO Player

Below is a brief description of the Northern Stars Legacy.


Created by Nathalie and Natalie Eveningstar in 2012. Restored in 2016, after being abandoned (or rather, forgotten) for four years.


If you're looking for an online community of equine enthusiasts, you’ve come to the right forum. Whether or not you may be acquainted with the Star Stable franchise (Starshine Legacy, Star Stable Online, etc.), you do NOT need to download SSO in order to be accepted into the Northern Stars Legacy. This convenient forum allows members to engage in role plays and connect with fellow members online, without the extra click of logging into the game.

Twisted Evil Club Owner Twisted Evil
The one who started it all …

Cool Club Leader Cool
Besties with the Club Owner.

Like a Star @ heaven Champion Like a Star @ heaven
All members are eligible to be voted as "Champion of the Month" for the exceptional acts and deeds they perform.
Smile Member Smile
Accepted by the NSL.

If you are interested and want to become a member of the Northern Stars Legacy ...

Please sent a private message to the Admin (Nathalie Eveningstar), who will then process your request.

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