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This forum is for members of the Northern Stars Legacy, a riding club created on the virtual horse world of Star Stable Online.

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III: Club Profile

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1 III: Club Profile on Sat Dec 31, 2016 11:30 am

Dear SSO Player

Once you have submitted your membership request, be patient.

The Admin will notify you as soon as possible that your membership status is now "pending".

While you are waiting for correspondence from the Admin, please fill out and complete the following profile information below.

Do NOT submit the NSL Admission Form until your membership status is verified as "pending".


Do NOT fill out personal, identifiable information about your REAL offline self.

Please create a "fake" profile.


  • This profile represents the character you will portray as a member of the NSL. In an official club setting, other NSL members will identify you by this profile.

  • You may create as many “storybook” characters and profiles as you like for role-playing, but do not confuse or substitute these for your NSL profile.

  • If you are having trouble filling out your NSL Admission Form ...

    1) Visit the "Introduce Yourself" forum (Home --> Introduce Yourself) to view examples of profiles created by other members, or ...

    2) Contact a Moderator (Club Owner) for further assistance.

NSL Admission Form

Name: (first and last name - middle name/suffix is optional)

Nickname(s): (optional)

Birthday: (month and day of birth - year of birth is optional)

Gender: (male/female)

Race/Ethnicity: (List all real-world races/ethnicities that apply, vague or specific - European, African, Asian, Middle Eastern, Native American, Pacific Islander, etc. ... American, Italian, French, Mexican, Chinese, etc.)

About Me: (Let's start with some ice-breakers: Give us a little biography or a description about your interests, pursuits, hobbies ... We'd like to get to know you better. Don't underestimate the strength of a good first impression - take your time with the details. Share things that you fancy other members having in common with you. Members that can relate to your NSL profile will often take the initiative and approach you first. This will help you make friends much quicker on the NSL forum.)

Why I Chose the NSL: (Is it because you have a passion for horses? Because you were bored and signed up for fun? Tell us what brought you here - Why did you decide to join the NSL?)

Once you have been notified by the Admin that your membership status is "pending", you may now submit your NSL Admission Form.

Please copy, paste, and post your completed NSL Admission Form as a separate topic onto the "Introduce Yourself" forum.

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